Alex Meyers funniest moments 2020 

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Dec 27, 2020




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Comments 100   
Sarah Daily
Sarah Daily Day ago
big ol' red flag
CL Brierley
CL Brierley Day ago
I would love for the big ol' red flag parade song to be my ring tone.
LorSan 4 days ago
Gentle Man
Gentle Man 4 days ago
Alex can actually sing 👌🏾
Nicole Raye
Nicole Raye 5 days ago
A montage of all the big ole red flags 😂
Blaise Kusasira
Blaise Kusasira 6 days ago
Abs:the musical😂
samwasfound 6 days ago
The Vanessa hudgens thing happened in the vampire diaries at the end they just made like a hundred of her
the Queens
the Queens 9 days ago
my favorite thing is how many red flags were here its like every other thing i cant 🤣😂
Grace Namkung
Grace Namkung 10 days ago
50%: "Big Ol' Red Flag" Parade 20%: Devil's Tango 20%: jokes & short funny animations 10%: "Fire Truck"
Unsplattable Wallace
Do Alvin and the chipmunks
Unsplattable Wallace
Do it
Kalahari Gold
Kalahari Gold 11 days ago
Imagine someone coming up with a song about your abs🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
Kalahari Gold
Kalahari Gold 11 days ago
I find myself dancing to all the red flag parades!
Alex loewe
Alex loewe 13 days ago
Lotte 29
Lotte 29 13 days ago
This video should be called: Alex and the red flags
Just L
Just L 15 days ago
alex's singing voice is amazing, change my mind
Mistermovies91 16 days ago
6:53 Behold.... the biggest old red flag of them allll!
Karolina Cielecka
Karolina Cielecka 16 days ago
optilious 16 days ago
the amount of ugly shirtless men in this video is concerning-
Youssef Sadek
Youssef Sadek 16 days ago
No the best part is when he makes a cobra Kai reaction and then when Johnny says I’ll be your sensai and Alex was like “who says that?!!!!, and then the kids face!!!!!,,, and then he continues talking and laughs again it always chokes me up
Chris Rodriguez
Chris Rodriguez 16 days ago
9:39 when I tell my crush I like them
백지윤 17 days ago
Big Ol' Red Flags my dudes Big Ol' Red Flags
Karen Findley
Karen Findley 17 days ago
Maze Runner too
Hannah Gonzalez
Hannah Gonzalez 18 days ago
Wanda vision
kitchen krab
kitchen krab 19 days ago
I sorry but what is the big ol red flag
꧁· ̊ ༘ apple - cxder · ̊ ༘꧂
I need a shirt that says "I play trombone for The Big Ol' Red Flag"
Ella Pina
Ella Pina 20 days ago
Ok so funny thing about after, it has a lot of swearing and the funny thing is “fOcKiNg TrEvOr” so yeah
Scarlett me
Scarlett me 20 days ago
Logan Hall
Logan Hall 21 day ago
big ol red flaaaaaagggggggggggg
Kitty Underwood
Kitty Underwood 22 days ago
2:06 we call this "men going out of their way to reject women who dont even know they exist"
Erika McNeill
Erika McNeill 22 days ago
Any ideas when a full version of 'Abs the Musical' will be released? lol
Madyson Andres
Madyson Andres 22 days ago
Why do all of the Big Ol' Red Flag moments make me laugh so hard?
Amitesh Choudhary
Amitesh Choudhary 22 days ago
10:02 to 10:10...best part according to me..... 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
Ashley H.
Ashley H. 22 days ago
I feel like all of Riverdale would have The Big Ol Red Flag anthem, especially this new season so far XD
Karsen Wills
Karsen Wills 23 days ago
DAD JOKES WITH ALEX!!!🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣IM DYING LMAOOOOOOO
humblecrab:D 03
humblecrab:D 03 23 days ago
it's gotten to the point where i have now developed an instinct of detecting an incoming red flag like a few milliseconds in the silence before the marching band arrives
The Silver Blader
The Silver Blader 24 days ago
8:22 Did he make her do Spinjitzu?
Molly Schwartzhoff
Molly Schwartzhoff 24 days ago
Alex is a Great singer who new he would be so good? :) And Alex you make my brother and I laugh you're one of are favorite people on youtube :)
Bek Lochner
Bek Lochner 24 days ago
maxGtm220 24 days ago
12:01 I forgot to change the toilet paper again!
Carol Simermam
Carol Simermam 25 days ago
Abs, the musical
Imperial Scout Productions
We need an “ *ALONE TIME* “ compilation
Vddi Officially
Vddi Officially 26 days ago
All big red flags of 2020 🚩
Athena N Lindsey
Athena N Lindsey 27 days ago
My favorite part was turning the clothes pink!! 😂😂😂😂😂
Jeiel Bless Managad
6:47 what video was that
Luca harris
Luca harris 28 days ago
Alex is good at singng
Luca harris
Luca harris 28 days ago
Cosmic Activity
Cosmic Activity 29 days ago
Big ol’ 🚩
scotland unicorns
scotland unicorns 29 days ago
Nobody is gonna talk about that Riveldale song. Like what?!
Ramilda 29 days ago
I needed this
Vinod Kumar Jain
Vinod Kumar Jain 29 days ago
You sing sooo good
Akshada Gajbhiye
Akshada Gajbhiye 29 days ago
Out of all the "big ol' red flags" parade guys I love the one with the cymbals the most. The intensity is 3000
Weirdofan111 Month ago
Am i the only one thinking that he should review the percy Jackson movies
Anna Smith
Anna Smith Month ago
8:35 nonono he's got a point
Paulette Month ago
For all the crap the Harry Styles Fanfic Movie was, their fight on the lawn was hella realistic, like.... damn. I believed that shit. Also lol red flags
Alice Alfred
Alice Alfred Month ago
"I would never firetruck cheat on you" 😹😹😹😹😹😹
lol Money
lol Money Month ago
You are so funny lol👍😍😜😋😛😝
Anonymous Month ago
hahaha (edit : I suggested doing more ``red flags`` videos but then decided that you can do whatever you want 'cause your videos are hilarious and it's not my place to tell you what to do) Thanks for your time and hard work, I really enjoy your videos!
Ahmad Farhat
Ahmad Farhat Month ago
When Alex sees the Chinese flag
Vanessa Chang
Vanessa Chang Month ago
Wait is that Kate Walsh from Grey’s Anatomy
TehRealisticGuy Month ago
I don't really get the Big Ol' Red Flag joke, but when they just put it up at random points in the video just make me wanna cry of laughter o(^▽^)o
NichNath LS
NichNath LS Month ago
"8:20" crash bandicoot over here
Shri S
Shri S Month ago
Mega red flag 6:54
Shri S
Shri S Month ago
Red flags 101
Lea Rahel
Lea Rahel Month ago
You should do Dawson's Creek. I just watched the first two episodes and am like ???whatisthisshow???
hambone fakenamington
"funky potato juice"
Belicia Brown
Belicia Brown Month ago
"Oh.. my goodness.." 😂😂
Jada James
Jada James Month ago
I love the red flag marching band
Dara Miley
Dara Miley Month ago
You should make a video about Wolf walkers
Rayla Anthony
Rayla Anthony Month ago
The red flag orchestra in Degrassi (@ 6:54) took me out
siddhi patel
siddhi patel Month ago
You should make a video about The Office or Friends......
Kokichi Oma
Kokichi Oma Month ago
But right now before my Zoom class I’m making a BIG OL, RED FLAG banner for my wall
you might as well call this the big red flag episode haha
Kathryn Hirt
Kathryn Hirt Month ago
I need a red flag comp immediately
Claire Dietrich
Claire Dietrich Month ago
I remember that Miley scene with Corbin
Julia ??
Julia ?? Month ago
12:54 why did i find this part so funny??
Timothy Cestone
Timothy Cestone Month ago
Funniest 2020 Moments? Alex Meyers Big Ol' Red Flag compilation, fixed it!
Princess Manasse
LMAOOOOOO the red flags moments will forever be funny idc 🤣🤣🤣
The Adventures of Kylie
We got many
TheMysteryOtter Month ago
Yes funny realllllllllly funny
varghese k a
varghese k a Month ago
I don't really comment on youtube videos. But sir for this I had to. Sir, you are extremely funny and clearly good at what you do. It really makes our day. You have a good taste in movies and have a talent for interpreting them. Wow, you are really good
angel no vr
angel no vr Month ago
I like the Joker do Tick Tock face how can looking stupid be a life-threatening illness I said that was because it's funny
Mary Houston
Mary Houston Month ago
Do django unchanged please 🙏 😢 🙂 😭 😔 ☺
Irdcsook okdontblameme
The most awkward sitiation to be in XDD 9:44
yeesmar Month ago
You should review KungFu Panda
Katie Yang
Katie Yang Month ago
He needs to do a video of Bridgerton on Netflix!
Jhenelle Hinds
Jhenelle Hinds Month ago
Remind me never to watch any Alex videos in public 😂😂. I’m about to die from trying to keep my laughter in
bonjour bear
bonjour bear Month ago
12:57 The way he spoke made it more funny
Bro Alex tbh I just discovered ur channel a few days ago and I’m positive I’ve watched all ur vids (no cap)
riskyjedi Month ago
This video was so funny I had milk come out of may nose
Rose Nelson
Rose Nelson Month ago
The red flag moments always make me die laughing. Mostly because it's so true 😂
The Flower Blogger
Wow..too much abs
Lyz Cabrera
Lyz Cabrera Month ago
Big Ol’ Red Flag was the real star of this video
Anthony Bush
Anthony Bush Month ago
Why were you singing a song about Archie's abs
Amelia Heap
Amelia Heap Month ago
omg ur like 😆 so funny
Ruwansi Kaldasani
Hey Alex... You should try out korean tv series🌚. The word 'Dump' may turns headache
Henry Kidnee
Henry Kidnee Month ago
I will die soon your that funny
LegendIceCream Month ago
Do Henry danger from Nickelodeon
Mahmoud Hijazi
Mahmoud Hijazi Month ago
"Alex Meyers funniest moments 2020" 90% "big ol' red flags" 1% actual jokes 9% the show/movie sucs hard
sonya Month ago
pov: you’re watching the archie’s abs arc and someone walks in on you
Green Udon
Green Udon Month ago
10:06 funny part of the video 🤣🤣🤣
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