I found the most horrifying kid's show ever made 

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Sam and Cat was a weird show...
the Jonas Brothers tv show was hilariously dumb
Stargirl is the weirdest show
50 Shades Freed is the worst movie of all time
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Oct 20, 2020




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Comments 100   
a phantom
a phantom 3 hours ago
That scream tho, I died... laughing.
Settie C
Settie C 6 hours ago
It’s on crack but I love it
Settie C
Settie C 6 hours ago
Bruh I grew up loving round the twist and still do tbh like that is my shit even though it’s fucking whack
Ryan Little
Ryan Little 15 hours ago
I'm from the UK and watched both this and Snobs all the time as a kid They used to be on an early morning kids line up on channel 5
Cacaca 13
Cacaca 13 23 hours ago
My 69 year old, year 5 (5th grade) teacher was obsessed with this show and forced us to watch it. It being school and and wanting entertainment we watched anything they showed us with pleasure. But it was always weird 😂.
Rae Everlark
Rae Everlark Day ago
I hated ‘round the twist. It was so stupid and would get on my nerves for some reason. The worse part is I still remember the stupid theme song.
sia jhan
sia jhan 3 days ago
marabanara 3 days ago
Oh yeah, this was my absolute favourite, even though I was the most wimpy kid imaginable.
Lunartic D
Lunartic D 4 days ago
Man I am a teenager now, but when I was a kid I would stay up all night watching this show
Cindy Kennedy
Cindy Kennedy 4 days ago
I loved this show, Australia had a few quirky kids shows you can try. I use to watch “The genie from down under” and “Chuck Finn” 😂
Cinema_Chic 9 days ago
I remember the episode when the youngest made a copy of himself that wrote backwards. Did you watch Ocean Girl? It was one of my favorites.
Zoey Mack
Zoey Mack 10 days ago
we watched this at my school 😭
Tea And Kitties
Tea And Kitties 10 days ago
Me at first: This is no worse than goosebumps Me by the end: He...he was...he was trying to do uh.... 😰
Erisssw_ Hack
Erisssw_ Hack 10 days ago
FantasyTenshi 10 days ago
I completely forgot about this O_o All the trauma's are coming back to me... Though I also distinctly remember liking this as a child... I'm confused.
Evalise Pilkington
Evalise Pilkington 11 days ago
can you do one on the best beat band next??????
Charlotte H
Charlotte H 12 days ago
I loved watching this show growing up, every episode was weird and scary but still fun. The most memorable episode was when the eldest brother married a tree by peeing on it, he then became pregnant with the trees baby and the baby came out by puking. The other most memorable episode was when he had a tv remote that could turn back time/ pause/ fast forward, he used it to win a spaghetti eating contest. The opening song will forever be stuck in my head.
minh do
minh do 13 days ago
I loved this show... Without my pants... Only true Aussies will get that reference lol
Beau Nixon
Beau Nixon 14 days ago
The youngest kid: VEGIMITE!!!
Leah Abraham
Leah Abraham 14 days ago
Um..... ok...? What??
ta nico
ta nico 14 days ago
Ummm what is this
Margaret Of Anjou
Margaret Of Anjou 15 days ago
2:03 what was that alex? I cant...😂
Talia Howard
Talia Howard 15 days ago
As an Aussie I have to say, this show was a childhood staple as I grew up.
M.G 15 days ago
This show was my childhood. I loved it, kinda still do. Oddly never questioned it until this video...
Clementine Santana
Clementine Santana 16 days ago
The concept is cool, but for a kids show?
Maria Fernanda Gonzalez Acevedo
wtf was that??
Christopher Wellens
I swear, shows like these were actively trying to traumatizing children
Saima Tasin
Saima Tasin 18 days ago
ahhh *sigh* i love my country :)))))
carmiya gamoran
carmiya gamoran 18 days ago
This just looks like an episode of goosebumps.
Beany Gacha •w•
Every time the scarecrow was on screen I tensed up, backed away a little, and got ready for a jumpscare *this is a kids show I should not have to do that*
Jeremy Higgins
Jeremy Higgins 18 days ago
I remember this show being broadcast in the U.S. under the title "The Twist Family" or something like that.
Via Delos reyes
Via Delos reyes 19 days ago
windex 19 days ago
i’m australian and i watched this show when i was really young, i’m 19. i still like the show tho lol
Unie 19 days ago
That scared me
Pearl Styles
Pearl Styles 19 days ago
I love harry styles just floating in the ocean, it's so golden
Veronica Bakk
Veronica Bakk 14 days ago
ISABELLA TETER 19 days ago
Alex Myers: I just found the most horrifying kids show ever made Invader Zim: Allow Me To Introduce Myself
Lockwar The Narrator
What? Oh no. No way.
Tiziana Bartoli
Tiziana Bartoli 20 days ago
Here in Italy, as a strange children's show, we had creepy-looking puppets who lived in a forest and didn't talk. In every episode they would go around this forest and then go to sleep , never do anything strange, but they worried me a lot. I dreamed of them once.
Angela Bright
Angela Bright 20 days ago
This is the best show I ever watched
Indushika Ks
Indushika Ks 20 days ago
Lankan here! We also grew up with these random aussie shows. And round the twist, for all it's horrific weirdness, holds a very special place in my heart :')
MoKuZai 20 days ago
oh dear..
The Roaring 20s
The Roaring 20s 21 day ago
Sure, but Round the Twist had the most BANGING theme song ever!!!
Chonky - milk
Chonky - milk 21 day ago
Alex: So the scarecrow wants to- ooooh uhh Everyone 13+ watching: O-O *9 year olds searching it on google trying to figure out what he means*
samantha gonzalez
Now we’re can I really get a Harry styles in the sea?
DisobedientCrab 21 day ago
You thought it would be treasure when you opened the chest, *but it was I, DIO!*
tuesday 21 day ago
every australian kid including myself knows there are scarier aussie kids shows but this isnt one of them to aussie kids like you's should go watch johnson and friends now thats scary
tuesday 21 day ago
or atleast some aussie kids
Lammington2 22 days ago
Ah yes, I remember this. Thanks for reopening that memory. Thanks so much.
Moop Tom
Moop Tom 23 days ago
Round the twist is the best LOVE IT
Sofie P.
Sofie P. 23 days ago
You can watch the whole show (all seasons) on prime video! idk why but I think it’s really good 0-0
Kenneth Donnelly
Kenneth Donnelly 23 days ago
I loved Round the Twist.............lol now have the theme song in my head.
notice me senpai
notice me senpai 23 days ago
Gloomy 23 days ago
Alex: THIS VIDEO IS BROUGHT TO YOU BY- **grammarly ad popping up**
Emma 23 days ago
I’m sorry, is that Harold from Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark?
Jessica Chibwana
Jessica Chibwana 24 days ago
Do shrek
Poppy Taylor
Poppy Taylor 24 days ago
This show was based off of a book series and the original story of this episode was a lot more traumatising lmao
Layne G
Layne G 25 days ago
I miss the 90s! Australian tv was golden.
Echidna 25 days ago
This show was extreme in every way
Oblivion4573 26 days ago
round the twist is the best show to ever exist.
Oh Boy Gaming
Oh Boy Gaming 26 days ago
random fact: if you type "awesome" (not on the youtube search) the video timeline will turn rainbow
La - a
La - a 27 days ago
This show proves that Australia is just an elaborate hoax
kendra walker
kendra walker 27 days ago
What about you do Ramona and Beezus? Please
Phoenix Rising
Phoenix Rising 28 days ago
Anyone else notice that the manikin looks very similar to the one from the umbrella academy
Eziji_1 28 days ago
Lana Čato
Lana Čato 28 days ago
Nobody: *Me watching this at 3AM:* Oh.... oh my....
alistair090510 28 days ago
The thing Alex says in every video “but before that this video is sponsored by
lh195 28 days ago
I had to watch these shows as a kid and are probably responsible for these 2 facts about me: 1. I definitely believe in the supernatural cos let's face it we can't know or explain everything 2. I still don't sleep in the dark😳
Bandit Andrew
Bandit Andrew 29 days ago
I have to admit this was hilarious not scary
M J 29 days ago
Lol I remember in year 2, my classes teacher showed us this and we watched it everyday before school started in class. It was actually really funny and I’m not traumatised but Ye may just be me, I’m also Australian
Basically Hidden
Basically Hidden 29 days ago
Oh wow, this is very cursed...
Dennis Scott
Dennis Scott 29 days ago
The windy british spectacularly decide because quince conventionally continue aboard a colossal fir. hurt, changeable hubcap
patricia owen
patricia owen Month ago
alex. i hate you
Jennifer Emmons
Jennifer Emmons Month ago
Am I the only person that want him to react to mystreet the youtuber aphmau made? No just me okay-😐
David but with b
What about candle cove
Keara Carter
Keara Carter Month ago
My mum is British and idk how but she use to watch it too and made me watch it as a child. It terrified me so much 😅
mobolaji ade-aina
I remember watching this on kidsco when I was 7. It's probably the reason why horror movies don't scare me nowadays.
Cyrus Preston 9
Cyrus Preston 9 Month ago
first 20 second are so true
C Skilly
C Skilly Month ago
Round the twist is the best tv show ever
Aquarius Locs
Aquarius Locs Month ago
Brook Babbles
Brook Babbles Month ago
Why does you tube add
MiNa ChAn
MiNa ChAn Month ago
Wow...that's just a big o NOPE for me. DO YOU WANNA BANG A SCARECROW?! Again, NO
Gavin surber
Gavin surber Month ago
Has lazarbeam seen this
Fun City
Fun City Month ago
what are you saying about my country
Betty Tyson
Betty Tyson Month ago
Do don't hug me I'm scared it is on youtube
Ron Miller
Ron Miller Month ago
Me at 0:36 seeing the six pack yeah I think that's why California is on fire
Anonymous Month ago
ROUND THE TWIST!!!!! I LOVED THAT SHOW!! haha waw that's amazing
Catnip Month ago
ridiculous! Round the Twist is one of the best kids shows.
DeepDitch Month ago
Im american but have more of an australian accent lol
Gabriel David
Gabriel David Month ago
CUZ THIS IS THRILLER, THRILLER NIIGHT (even tho i m like 3-4 months late but in doesn t matter)
Eevee Girl
Eevee Girl Month ago
Yea that’s why no one here watches TV anymore 🙄
Elissa Villarreal
Is no one gonna talk about how Pete and Linda went IN THE WATER with their SHOES ON
Berenice Lewis
Berenice Lewis Month ago
if he said midsummer, then i dunno what hes talking about, but if he said midSOMER then he is just openning up a literal can of worms here
Berenice Lewis
Berenice Lewis Month ago
1:45 you can REALLY tell which of the kids got the mum's genes
I do be Dumb though
You think that’s scary , then watch are you afraid of the dark
immediate clicker
as an american: what the fuck australia
Kissa Rococo
Kissa Rococo Month ago
Old aussie shows from the 90s....I used to love as a kid in Finland (europe seemed to have imported LOT of these shows!) They were often little fucked up but that's why we frickin loved them! Look into Halfway across the galaxy and turn left, another cult show that people swear they thought was a fever dream.
Lauren Wynne
Lauren Wynne Month ago
If you think this is bad you should watch Scottish kids television - Worsel Gummage hahaha 😂
itachi uchiha
itachi uchiha Month ago
About ure game Alex play it thrice and fix all the bugs or since u didn't make the game tell the game producers that the game is very glitchy so plc fix
safiya gaffoor
safiya gaffoor Month ago
my childhood: have you ever ever felt like this are strange things happening are you going around the twist have you heard the word about bird and spider who wiggle and jiggle inside her
wait what was the scarecrow trying to do to her i couldnt hear the old woman
Nat Month ago
I loved Round the Twist as a child but in the UK we had the Demon Headmaster which was odd.