Sharkboy and Lavagirl 2 is even dumber than the first one 

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The Princess Switch 2 doesn't make any sense...
Shake It Up was a weird show
Emily In Paris is pretty dumb
Julie And The Phantoms is the weirdest show...
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Jan 6, 2021




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Comments 100   
TreeLewi 4 hours ago
Hi Alex I know you react to zombies and stuffbut why don’t you just let us see you for a selves
piink strawberry hollows
The movie is called we can be heroes
LePotatoFries 11 hours ago
The “shark strength” thing though. I LITERALLY DIED XDDDD IM STILL LAUGHING 😂
Elizabeth Flynn
Elizabeth Flynn 12 hours ago
ok is everyone ignoring the fact that he ignored the other boy who has this like "self-discovery" moment at the end of the movie and has like, all the super-powers?
Mioki W
Mioki W 13 hours ago
We can be heroes
Name name
Name name 14 hours ago
youre telling me a second sharkboy lavagirl came out and somehow i never knew until 10 minutes ago
Pablo H G de Moraes
Pablo H G de Moraes 15 hours ago
3:00 so basically Aquaman and Wonder Woman?
Maya Mccauley
Maya Mccauley 17 hours ago
this movie bothered me because Max wasn't there. lava girl and shark boy don't exist without him.
Ant the hedgehog OOF
10:35 Missy:oh come on now you could have been drawing something let me see *sees Ohio and sanic and all there babies* HOLY
Prime Apocalypse
Prime Apocalypse 19 hours ago
Elizabeth Tran
Elizabeth Tran 20 hours ago
Hey can you do a video on Andi Mac? Aand also one for Spy Kids?
Elizabeth Tran
Elizabeth Tran 20 hours ago
Have you done Andi Mac? That would be a good video Also, Spy Kids! That would be awesomeeeeee
Familie Arguirov
Familie Arguirov 22 hours ago
But whats missy´s power?
There coustome kinda weird
Day ago
Me: Can we have mha Mom: No. We have mha at home. Mha at home:
Harper Day ago
Because you know grade fives have great opinions
Harper Day ago
I’m watching this in my class about working together and it’s so funny
KingK Artistry
in all honesty we can be heros is not that bad of a movie and wasn't really a seqeul
Rabbit rocks
Rabbit rocks Day ago
By the way can you please do finding ohana review/roast
Rabbit rocks
Rabbit rocks Day ago
Alex never mentioned wildcard, not once not at alll
••Vira Cute••
he dose not make sense at all
napbooks 2 days ago
woah Carla and Monty in this movie
Its_Ness 2 days ago
the ''Sonic and our Babies'' drawing killed me.....
Deja Turner
Deja Turner 2 days ago
I feel sorry for the kids especially the little girl with “shark strength” but this movie sucks 😂😂
Emily Dawn
Emily Dawn 2 days ago
Will you please stop giving mean thumbnails all my favorite shows and movies
halia kanu
halia kanu 2 days ago
Me 5 watching shark boy and lava girl beautiful me 11 watching it this this this makes no sense but um still give me the popcorn 🍿
Royale Princess Gaming
When I saw the movie tell me why I imagined him reacting to it lol 😂
Wolfie plays
Wolfie plays 2 days ago
devyn sloan
devyn sloan 2 days ago
No no Alex I don’t know what your saying lol 😂
Unicorn Girl
Unicorn Girl 2 days ago
“SHE HAS SHARK STRENGTH” And I want to be the president but as you can see that did not work out
The bup
The bup 3 days ago
13:35 wheels should be going backwards lol
Gneir Anaats
Gneir Anaats 3 days ago
I don't want to sub
Gneir Anaats
Gneir Anaats 3 days ago
Who every hates him
It's your girl!
It's your girl! 3 days ago
Bruh I didn’t even know there was a second one!!!!
Aminata K
Aminata K 3 days ago
this is such a good movie don't believe him the movie is called we can be heroes
Aminata K
Aminata K 3 days ago
that is we can be heros
Kylee Hicks
Kylee Hicks 3 days ago
“did jk rowling make this?” no there would be more racist stereotypes don’t worry
Rose-Erin Dhond
Rose-Erin Dhond 3 days ago
Leya Fulmore
Leya Fulmore 3 days ago
Jk rolling is a awesome writer
Leya Fulmore
Leya Fulmore 3 days ago
Ok I’m gonna watch this it seems good
Maple Syrup
Maple Syrup 3 days ago
close your eyes shut your mouth dream a dream get us out dream dream dream dream dream dream
LorSan 3 days ago
Just a couple days ago, a remembered that Frozen came out in 2013. *2013* MAN I’m old
JJS 3 days ago
"Oh no... she's got sHArk StReNgTh!"
•Fairy• Seed•
HOLD UP- ONE OF THE KIDS IS FROM THAT NETFLIX SHOW- I forgot the name but it was about a black family.
•Bella• 4 days ago
“We can’t even let one of them get into the enemies’s hand!” *Let’s so how that turns out*
Elsa Davenport
Elsa Davenport 4 days ago
You should do 'fresh beat band'
Googly Banana
Googly Banana 4 days ago
It's actually called we can be hero's also this is kinda better jk ITS BETTER
Woopity Scoop
Woopity Scoop 4 days ago
Wait...is this like...a new movie...why
Kade Shrider
Kade Shrider 4 days ago
Great, now 11 year old s have powers. Oh boy.
Kade Shrider
Kade Shrider 4 days ago
11:26 Wait, whaaa they're just kids!
Dunkin Edits
Dunkin Edits 4 days ago
the fact that this video is over 17 minutes long, tells you all you need to know 💀
Brinkle Town
Brinkle Town 4 days ago
Everybody gangsta until Sharkboy and Lavagirl are literally in a few minutes of the film Edit: also at 7:39 who is that kid?
GamingLady 4 days ago
“harRy pOtTeR aNd DraCo mAlfOy dOinG.. Oh mY”
Jack Watson
Jack Watson 4 days ago
She's got shark strength Yeah bro *flexes mega neon uni* Also me plays omega ore tycoon Also also me kills juipter and Saturn
Amy Lam
Amy Lam 4 days ago
ITs FuNnY iM DifFreNt i DONT bElong
Yeetasium 4 days ago
The president sounds like donald trump and they make the president dumb. They are brainwashing people into having only one opinion. Im not saying that you HAVE to vote for trump im just saying that we need to let the people decide.
settingcape/aiden 879
This makes riverdale not seem cringy
ruffnekscout74 5 days ago
And, to this day i follow you with a cult status
Miski 5 days ago
I loved it but the original is better.
hollie_ bollie
hollie_ bollie 5 days ago
m-mando ? is that you ?
Lindela _
Lindela _ 5 days ago
Taylor lautner will never recover from that breakdance😂😂
unlisted cringe
unlisted cringe 5 days ago
Daniel R
Daniel R 5 days ago
I'm just saying I've seen the movie and u suck at making videos Alex meyers
Daniel R
Daniel R 5 days ago
I have seen the movie it's not dumb u are dumb i like the movie
joce1750 joce1750
Omg I watched this in my class and it was soooooo dumb
Bioweapon N
Bioweapon N 5 days ago
We all know the selling point of this movie was the 'return' of Shark Boy and Lava Girl.
Bioweapon N
Bioweapon N 5 days ago
@Sebastianjose Pérez Exactly.
Sebastianjose Pérez
Tbh i think they just made a marketing stragegy They put in the trailer sharkboy and lava girl 2 to attract more people.
Bb3 #9130
Bb3 #9130 6 days ago
Where’s Max
Donut adventures
Donut adventures 6 days ago
2020 vs 2021
Mikoto’s Hair clip
Is that Priyanka Chopra or smth?? If it is, I can’t believe she’s letting this movie get on her resume🤦‍♀️💀
Miski 5 days ago
Yes it is Priyanka Chopra 🙂🤚
Shannon Miranda
Shannon Miranda 6 days ago
I mean the Movie isnt really about for Sharkboy and Lavagirl :/ so you cant really call it "Sharkboy and Lavagirl 2". Also great Movie to watch Edit: Sharkboy And Lavagirl was the f*cking drugs to watch
Vasanthi K
Vasanthi K 6 days ago
I can't believe he survived after all this.
Madline 55
Madline 55 6 days ago
That one girl
That one girl 6 days ago
2:32 Ok is it just me or did anybody else not notice until now that it’s our boi the Mandolorian (sorry if I spelled it wrong) Just thought I’d share :)
the running man
the running man 6 days ago
I never knew there was a sequel
Journae Baker
Journae Baker 6 days ago
People asking why this is not a dream if you watch the end of shark boy and lava girl everything in max dream came to life lol😂
Sarcastic Reaper
Sarcastic Reaper 6 days ago
About asking Rodriguez about how Lava Girl and Shark Boy did the devil's tango (in your own words) you'll have to get in line. Everyone's asking that.
Sarcastic Reaper
Sarcastic Reaper 6 days ago
I'm also curious as to why Missy's dad didn't just go away and get backup. But no, instead he decided to be an idiot and jump into a hoard of aliens that want to kidnap him.
Potatoes_ 6 days ago
We all got some questions Mr. Rodriguez
Amy Kaye
Amy Kaye 6 days ago
0:37 So that's what a VPN is.
Makayla Holland
Makayla Holland 6 days ago
You hater of shark boy and lava girl... that is one of the best movies ever you’re the one who’s stupid
Philip Barrett 23 (STUDENT)
J K Rowling is the best writer ever
Cubing Noted
Cubing Noted 6 days ago
There's a 2nd?
M0xi3-Cvnt 6 days ago
I mean it’s made by Netflix so of course it’s dumb
The Lil Wolf Family
This is called we can be hero’s-
monsteritiscool 6 days ago
It was a good movie
mohamed kassim
mohamed kassim 6 days ago
its not dom you are dom
Kathleen 6 days ago
Alex you dum
Kathleen 6 days ago
We can be heros is cool but you dum
Kathleen 6 days ago
We can be heros is cool but you d
Himanshu Lakra
Himanshu Lakra 7 days ago
15:26 quite ture though,idk but it's funny 😂😂
Best Friends Playz
tHeRE wAs A twO wHoOpS
Berry 7 days ago
an ostrich named ozzie
Ok but can we talk about the fact that when it say me and sonic and all our babies part why is sonic the one who had them no hate I just love that part tho and the ya ain't Jesus
Demon_ Soha
Demon_ Soha 7 days ago
shark boy and lava girl is boyfriend and girl friend when
Elena Ravenclaw
Elena Ravenclaw 7 days ago
Shark boy + Lava girl = Cobble stone attack helicopter
{Alisa_Lolly} 7 days ago
I know some people don't like shark boy and lava girl 2 but tbh I like it lol I only saw a little and it was pretty nice👌
Red hoodie lover Forever
“What’s your superpower?” The quiet kid in class: my power is going to the gun store then going to the school to relieve stress. “Oh ok... You hired
Abel Munoz
Abel Munoz 7 days ago
Wait I get it so max is the main hero the person who sacraficed him the person who was maddies dad he was max I think I saw the cast what they look today
Ed’s mock’s and reviews
i cant unsee mando
You: like everyone liked sharkboi and lavagurl Me: *tRiGgErEd* NO I DID NOT LIKE THAT FILM ITS TOTAL SH-
Mike Bews
Mike Bews 7 days ago
I love Sharkboy and Isabel Bigelow 2 Movie try to exist
Alphagamer001 7 days ago
frozen II is awesome kill me
Alphagamer001 7 days ago
no like i actually like it