the Jonas Brothers TV show was hilariously dumb 

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The Suite Life of Zack and Cody was kinda weird...
Wizards of Waverly Place is kinda dumb...
Teen Beach Movie is kinda dumb
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Sep 1, 2020




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Daisy S
Daisy S 5 minutes ago
leigh bee
leigh bee 18 hours ago
Alex Meyers: dissing all of these movies. The makers: and… you did this for what Alex Meyers: why not The makers: why tho 😂🥺👉🏽👈🏽
Daith Izumi
Daith Izumi 3 days ago
Hey!!!! But the Lucky Loafers joke was so hilarious...
Alvin Alfie
Alvin Alfie 3 days ago
Disney: laugh or prepare to die b-_-h
faith hendrix
faith hendrix 6 days ago
This show was so cheesy
accidentallydies 9 days ago
god i totally forgot this show existed til this video got recommended to me
Hattie's Vlogs
Hattie's Vlogs 14 days ago
MoKuZai 16 days ago
h a
Tangeline Joseph
Tangeline Joseph 16 days ago
I don't know if this was an episode or I just dreamt it but for some reason I remember Nick (I believe) being bitten by a teddy bear.... No joke. He was sitting on a white couch, a teddy bear pops up behind him and just bits his neck and keeps bitting. I keep remembering that....
cloé couvidat
cloé couvidat 13 days ago
@Tangeline Joseph yes but the horror movie is directed only at the ending of the episode and we see that shortly.
Tangeline Joseph
Tangeline Joseph 13 days ago
@cloé couvidat Wait, *it was REAL???* 😲no way!!
cloé couvidat
cloé couvidat 13 days ago
It’s was from season 2 , there is a episode where a brother directed a horror movie with a teddy bear who kill everyone and at the movie ending nick is attacked by the teddy bear.
Anusca Galusca
Anusca Galusca 18 days ago
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Soso 22 days ago
I just can't get over his "Yeeeaaahhh" 0:24 😂🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
Hannah 23 days ago
Did no one ever wonder why he had curly hair and sideburns?? 4:22
Em M
Em M 24 days ago
why does Kevin look like Pablo Escobar with that mustache and wig on hahahaha
Pardon Me!
Pardon Me! 24 days ago
And then he ended up with a random indian girl he saw somewhere who is 11yr older than him....wow, this show Was a documentary, hmm!!
phanfinger 25 days ago
I was 14 in 2008 and I remember my younger sister tricking me into watching Camp Rock by making it sound more interesting than it is. I was very disappointed and then spent a few years hating The Jonas Brothers for no particular reason other than them merely existing.
Ama Ni
Ama Ni 26 days ago
never heard of this...
Fathia Rania
Fathia Rania 27 days ago
Hate You Alex Meyers This Show Is Not Bad At All
McKenzie’s Edit’s
Can you do gravity falls!!
Wow Dats A Good Name
when he did the voice-over for the song i was really over here thinking it was real and got scared-
i hated this show in a funny way the same reason you hate it
flaffle waffle
flaffle waffle Month ago
I was trying to find your channel, so I searched up “animation guy rates movies” and screenrant came up... I actually despise US-first
Amber Anderson
Amber Anderson Month ago
i honesty loved this show
Sidra Shaikh
Sidra Shaikh Month ago
You should watch girl meets world
Stephanie 123
Stephanie 123 Month ago
Shouldn't expect much from Disney, just a cashgrab.
bleedinqheartsss - rblx
Not Alex referring to Bridget as 'some blonde girl'
comicbook NERDisme
What about naked brothers band
E. T
E. T Month ago
Ok ( sigh ) I cAnT fInD a NeTflix ShOw tO wAtCh 😭 Im 14 and a girl so someone recommend pls. nothing too bazaar is just right. no horrors or thrillers either. thank you
Advanced Game Brothers
I don't understand tv shows
RIP X, LLJ Month ago
Does anybody know where he watches all these shows? Like he has made videos on Icarly, Victorious, Drake and Josh etc, so where does he watch the episodes?
Kinkajou_ Playz
Kinkajou_ Playz Month ago
I thought snuck was actually singing but then I realised it was you lmao
OJ fANTo Month ago
Yo I’m buying something from displate
SillyWomble Month ago
Alex Myers really needs to do ghibli and avatar the last airbender reviews
Cloud!! 1:40
OMG I was so big into this show!! When I was Young I used to have the Merch And everything!! Now its selling on Ebay!! Now this show is on Disney +! Or US-first
SophaPlays 2 months ago
Didn't they have a spin-off series where they moved to LA or am I imagining things?
Isabelle Anderson
Isabelle Anderson 2 months ago
why do i not remember this at all?? I was the biggest Nick fan!
Dylusional -_-
Dylusional -_- 2 months ago
Did you just say introduced the world to the jonas brothers ? Okay bro jonas brothers came way before camp rock
Krazy Killer2200
Krazy Killer2200 2 months ago
My laptop died this afternoon just minutes before my college essay was due. Watching these videos have cheered me up a lot 😭
firepiplup 2 months ago
Wait wait wait wait wait Jonas came out AFTER Camp Rock???
Caster of Celephaïs
Wait wait wait, people watched this? I mean, it might be better than the scenes shown, but I was balled up from cringe after like, two lines of dialog
Kaiti McLane
Kaiti McLane 2 months ago
I legit thought that was how he was playing guitar at first.
Stephanie Pena Figueroa
It would be nice if you did the tv show “The big bang theory”
I'm a goat
I'm a goat 2 months ago
I'm a goat
I'm a goat 2 months ago
Jimmy : me 👁👅👁
19Gigz91 2 months ago
Alex, mate... I think the movie EVERYONE wants a review of is "Abs, the musical" PLEASE make it happen!!!
RMR Savage
RMR Savage 2 months ago
U should start doing video games
Carys Betts
Carys Betts 2 months ago
this show was honestly so boring
Melissa Okeke
Melissa Okeke 2 months ago
Please do Zeke and Luther
Mariana Tarcia
Mariana Tarcia 2 months ago
that show was really bad lol
Felsen Drache
Felsen Drache 2 months ago
4:57 Oh my goodness! I had no idea this wasn't Nick Jonas singing! I laughed so hard! Thank you, Alex Meyers. I love your style of humor!
Beachbumsoul 2 months ago
It got canceled bc they hated it.
mana moon
mana moon 2 months ago
But the series came before camp rock... Right???? Like can my memories be that wrong??????
_Jonasdirection_ 2 months ago
"JONAS" was supposed to be a spy show called "J.O.N.A.S", which stood for "Junior Operatives Networking As Spies". here's the link to the source i found this out at and it gives more details on the whole thing: disney.fandom.com/wiki/Jonas_L.A.
_Jonasdirection_ 2 months ago
Tbh, I loved this show so much and I still love it. I mean, It was kind of hilarious and I loved the humor throughout the different episodes. however, I did prefer "season 2" over "season 1" because I just felt like "season 2" was just a bit more mature than "season 1" when it comes to the story line and plot...and partially some of the Humor.
Munksfan1 2 months ago
ok so I loved this show when they put it up on Netflix but in my defense I was like 12
shrimp tacos
shrimp tacos 2 months ago
Okay just because Bridget Mendler is in this episode, you NEED to watch Good Luck Charlie!!
christian cano
christian cano 2 months ago
Pls do malcolm in the middle
me _Stop_I_Didn't_Ask
I don’t like when people sing to me even if they sound good.It’s just I’m sooo awkward idk the reason of why. Even tho no one asked.
samara wallace
samara wallace 2 months ago
Do Jessie or The Suite Life On Deck next plzzzzzzzz.
Angel May Mendoza
Angel May Mendoza 3 months ago
But NGL the last season's storyline of Jonas was actually really good (I mean, when compared to the first season and some other cheesy shows) with all the character development and relationships lol
Jamie Ramone
Jamie Ramone 3 months ago
C. B. D. B's???
77ELCREADOR 3 months ago
Bridgit Mendler is my all time crush ❤
RedVelvety Jess
RedVelvety Jess 3 months ago
This kind of has the energy of Big Time Rush except Big Time Rush KNEW it was ridiculous (and low-key similar to the Monkees' old tv show) and just embraced it, with goofy sound effects every now and then. Hence why I loved that show and found this boring growing up
• m 1 k a n •
• m 1 k a n • 3 months ago
Hey Alex! I love your videos and I watch them every day and they always make my day much much much better! I love your reactions and your animation! I have some suggestions I don’t think you’ve done yet! 1.Jessie (2011-2015) 2. Bunk’d (Jessie Spin off, 2015-still running) 3. Unaccompanied Minors (2006) 4. Ducktales (2017-??) 5.Dragon Quest Your Story (2019) I hope you see this comment and take at least 2 of my suggestions! I’m your biggest fan and it would mean A lot to me! -Beatriz :D
Simp for Steve Harrington from stranger things
Do the suit life and suit life on deck plssssd
Simp for Steve Harrington from stranger things
Gaahahahahahahahahahah Susie cbiehfvvdvhrjendiwksmxnx the convo was about GOLF!! But soooo cool 😎 right!?!?!??? Tellllll meeed!!!! HER GUITAR IS PURPLE lord hav MERcEY it IS DISnRey
Another Commenter
Another Commenter 3 months ago
Woah... is that the guy from the new Jumanji movie? It's kinda sad how he is stuck doing lame Disney Channel shows now, but hey at least Alex was able to make a good video.
janette aguh
janette aguh 3 months ago
I really recommend you to make a video on Stranger Things and Andi Mack.
raindropknowledge 3 months ago
I need a full version of "Sometimes I eat broccoli with my toes because I'm Nick Jonas"
Moksha Shah
Moksha Shah 3 months ago
Pls do a video on instant family
LiviDraws 3 months ago
This is my favorite show!!! 😭😭😭😭
Toyaa Ikem
Toyaa Ikem 3 months ago
The way Meghan Jette Martin Stands there beside Joe Jonas doing His yeahhhhhh🤣😂😂🤣🤣🤣😂😂🤣🤣😂😂🤣🤣😂😂🤣😂 0:23
Diy_CaT 3 months ago
3:39 Hey, he said it, not her.
yari139 3 months ago
Why does it look like Joe Jonas is wearing a wig???
Isini Chandrasena
Isini Chandrasena 3 months ago
the displates are so cool i love them so much and i love your vidios so much
Mentally Unstable
Mentally Unstable 3 months ago
“But before that really quick!” “Aw shit, here we go again” *skips one minute ahead*
Faith Delgado
Faith Delgado 3 months ago
Sonny with chance is good too
Axaa 3 months ago
Yea this show was terrible
Mimi Williams
Mimi Williams 3 months ago
Please do the Naked Brothers Band. That show was my life when I was a kid 🤣
Drizzy Viper
Drizzy Viper 3 months ago
Is that Teddy from Good Luck Charlie and Nick from Jonas Brothers and Camo Rock
Jillian Cornish
Jillian Cornish 3 months ago
They legit copy pasted The Monkees into a Disney-ifier
Danii Portocarrero Sanchez
"Emotions are for losers" JAJJAJAJAJA
Winter-Ice-Fox gaming
-10:28: YEEA
Winter-Ice-Fox gaming
Oops nvm
Eleanor McFaul
Eleanor McFaul 3 months ago
I LOVE jonas series one the seconds is generic
Shams Ayad
Shams Ayad 3 months ago
I used to love this show my first crush ever is nick jones ❤️🤣
J 3 months ago
I never watched the Jonas show 😯😯didnt really know about it...then again I was four
Alondra Coronado
Alondra Coronado 3 months ago
You always make me laugh you are so good 🙌🏼🙌🏼🙌🏼🙌🏼🙌🏼🙌🏼
S 1947
S 1947 4 months ago
I remember rewatching Jonas and I never realized how cringy it was. How did I watch this??!
james Whitley
james Whitley 4 months ago
its so awkward because there no laugh track
DarkPrincess 4 months ago
Oh, I thought you were gonna talk about Joe and Stella...... okayy
Jozie Quervo Yo
Jozie Quervo Yo 4 months ago
*Que generic, children's dance music* "Yeeaah" 🤣
Samanta Vidal
Samanta Vidal 4 months ago
never regret the show, it gave us kevin singing 🤧🤧 oh i still hold it very dear
frosty giant
frosty giant 4 months ago
No one told me Bridget Mendler was on Jonas.
Snow Bear
Snow Bear 4 months ago
guys alex meyers did not even mention about stella or macy and penny only came for one episode in the jonas show No hate though just a thought and i am glad he made a video on the jonas show
Max sparx
Max sparx 4 months ago
i was born in the late late 90s so i grew up with late 90s and early 200s shows and i loved every minute of it 💋
matt carnes
matt carnes 4 months ago
0:45 not getting broken wtf are you doing using the picture of darts?
groovy -the jonas brothers person
why is that girl in good luck charlie, lemonade mouth, and countless others when she is only an OK actress
Unwana Udosen
Unwana Udosen 4 months ago
🤣🤣I liked how he showed Shane dancing
Kumudini Walanju
Kumudini Walanju 4 months ago
Please do the maze runner series alex