The Kissing Booth 2 is hilariously dumb 

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The Kissing Booth is kinda dumb...
To All the Boys I've Loved Before is kinda dumb...
Tall Girl is kinda dumb...
To All The Boys 2 is kinda dumb...

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Aug 5, 2020




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Comments 100   
Shagun Jadli
Shagun Jadli 52 minutes ago
Okay but Noah definitely cheated on Elle
Melina Durakovic
Melina Durakovic 11 hours ago
I just got a labotomy from that
leigh bee
leigh bee 18 hours ago
Alex Meyers: dissing all of these movies. The makers: and… you did this for what Alex Meyers: why not The makers: why tho 😂🥺👉🏽👈🏽
eung yang
eung yang 22 hours ago
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Min Yoongi
Min Yoongi Day ago
Okay this might just be my opinion but I say she was better off with Marco. He's the same age, in the same place, they both like a lot of the same things, Noah has caused WAY too much pain the El in the FIRST PLACE, and to me they just look better together. Then if she was with Marco possibly all 4 of them could go to college TOGETHER. If she ever thought he was cheating it means she doesn't trust him like she should for obvious reasons and that leads to a lot of bumpy road in a relationship when instead you could have less bumps with someone who is seemingly better than you Noah. Marco doesn't deserve to fall for someone and help with her bullshit and get nothing in return
Aadilah Abrahams
So far these movies have just shown us the insecurities plenty of people have, I hope that the 3rd installment will show character growth, we need to see maturity to send the right message.
Mithraa Day ago
"Boys are suck dumb"LMFAOoO
Mooshroom Plays
Mooshroom Plays 2 days ago
and now we’re getting the kissing booth 3
Mizo animations
Mizo animations 2 days ago
Pixuseru 2 days ago
Y’all notice that Jacob, John Ambrose, and Marco are all men of color who are used as second men who never get chosen?
Cadence Keys
Cadence Keys 2 days ago
okay but in all these teen “rom coms” they all get into these ELITE colleges??? like how??? literally (kissing booth with harvard and berkley) or (to all the boys i’ve loved before with stanford and NYU) or even (high school musical with literally berkley, juilliard, UCLA) i mean high school musical makes sense bc they’re all singers and dancers and shit but like it’s so unrealistic.. but also these movies i lowkey love so whatever.
Ana Leticia Mello
When he said that if she wasn't accepted in Stanford she should go to Harvard but like... If she wasn't accepted in Stanford, what makes you think she would be accepted in Harvard?!
Laura Houghton
Laura Houghton 2 days ago
Your animations make me laugh so hard the comedy in your videos is 👩‍🍳💋🤌🏼
Anna D
Anna D 3 days ago
Don’t you just love how Elle enters a competition with someone else, but doesn’t even MENTION spliting the $50,000
txshie 4 days ago
1:58 is making me cry laugh
jadapaige 4 days ago
I mean Elle is hella toxic for what she did to Marco, but I'm pretty sure Noah did "cheat" on her. He was discussing things with Chloe he felt he couldn't talk to Elle, HIS GF about. He was all kinds of feeling her up during that hug IN FRONT OF ELLE and the "You look gorgeous" was honestly unnecessary of him given the context of the situation. I mean even if he didn't cheat on Elle physically he clearly had some sort of romantic connection with this Chloe girl. I mean the thing with Elle & Lee feels TOTALLY different from the vibe we get with Noah & Chloe even though that was Noah's reasoning.
Anapaula escobar
Anapaula escobar 4 days ago
bruh elle was literally the only one in the wrong , she didn’t trust noah and SHE cheated, marco deserves better
raianne_ babwah
raianne_ babwah 4 days ago
Me: "but before that really quick">>"okay back to the show"
Cait xx
Cait xx 4 days ago
Can we just say kissing booth 2 was terrible and worst than watching all the kissing booth 1 montages
ITS. Nancy
ITS. Nancy 4 days ago
She has no personality
exu 4 days ago
ive been binge watching his videos for 6 hours straight someone send help
Soumili Banerjee
Soumili Banerjee 5 days ago
13:40 ~ What you said about relationship, is extremely true
Soumili Banerjee
Soumili Banerjee 5 days ago
Honestly, if my boyfriend had a so called friend who gets so cheesy name of friendship, I wouldn't tolerate!
Ernest Kibz
Ernest Kibz 5 days ago
I sighed and I sighed and I eyerolled and I sighed for this movie
Kacy Smith
Kacy Smith 5 days ago
She better get with marco in the third movie
Sanaya Mathew
Sanaya Mathew 5 days ago
I luv how idiots wasting their time r getting into the top colleges. It’s like the message is u can do whatever u want without lifelong consequences
Nins 6 days ago
Thinking about it now...Lee and Ella should just throw out all their rules out a window cuz...it’s definitely a struggle for them to keep them and putting a real damper in their lives...😅🤷🏻‍♀️
ShayeBLX 6 days ago
AAAAAAAAAAHHHH I hate seeing the cringy parts ugh Which they are basically the dumb parts lol
Mateo Benzekri
Mateo Benzekri 8 days ago
I am so confused, why can't Noah have a "bestie" like Elle and lee?? I mean she literally does everything with LEE!! and before even knowing bout Chloe and Noah being friends, she literally goes on a rant about Marco working out, and says he's a " snack"? and somehow people think that OK when she currently has a BF, and what is really annoying is that Rachel Lee's GF is like the third wheel!!! so why can't Noah have 1 friend who is a girl too??? ಠ_ಠ I AM SO CONFUSED!!!
Mieraehab99 Todryzaky
14:50 i laughed hard these 2 movies are very similar to each other
Elizabeth Nunez
Elizabeth Nunez 8 days ago
you sould do la bamba next
Gretel 8 days ago
I WANT NOAHS COUAGE thats not how you spell that lol COUAGE i meant courage
Arkaprabha Laha
Arkaprabha Laha 8 days ago
So I finally noticed, while watching the show his dog and girlfriend isn't beside him. And that hit me!
Is nobody gonna talk about Chloe? Like wth
Usha Ramcharan
Usha Ramcharan 10 days ago
The one thing I did love about these 2 movies was how supportive everyone was. They cheered on everyone all the time, and that was great.
Ashton Mize
Ashton Mize 10 days ago
I didn’t even know there was a second one
Connor Machin
Connor Machin 10 days ago
Good Review.. Very Good Review..
Matthew Adebowale
Matthew Adebowale 11 days ago
Alex is so funny I ligit watch him everyday 🤣👌🏽
Alex ._.
Alex ._. 12 days ago
im also so tired of seeing Elle's forehead. ALSO WHY WOULD YOU SPOIL ALL THE BOYS I LOVED BEFORE LIKE THAT........im sad anime girl now.....*donates tear to cause*
Alex ._.
Alex ._. 12 days ago
the way you described girls talking about guys in an inappropriate manner was so accurate, as a girl myself- i can confirm this
Jennifer Petersen
Jennifer Petersen 12 days ago
lmao tired of people thinking that just bc marco was nice to elle she owes him to like him back like that's not how it works folks. i don't like this movie and these characters kinda piss me off lol but it's so typical that people expect something as important as love in return for being nice
Jennifer Jackson
Jennifer Jackson 12 days ago
Don’t worry, as a girl we talk about crushes like this: Girl: who’s your crush Other girl: dunno Girl: cool Other girl: yeah
Serena Fallin
Serena Fallin 13 days ago
"... Well this is fun." Me through the entire movie 🥲
Valentina Rojas Seals
this is probably my favorite video of them all. And I discovered this channel two days ago and been watching EVERY VIDEO. I'm crying
Brea Davis
Brea Davis 13 days ago
Marco deserved so much better. He's not controlling, he doesn't have anger issues, he doesn't have an inexplicably inappropriate relationship with some girl he barely knows, and he's carefree and drama free. He would be so much better for Elle than Noah.
Iakona Sisler
Iakona Sisler 13 days ago
What if someone gets your Dashlane account .-.
Cecilia Hanna
Cecilia Hanna 14 days ago
I just watch these videos for spoilers
No picture
No picture 14 days ago
grandma thx for no show bad mouth movement :D
The Faxgirl
The Faxgirl 14 days ago
If Noah was ugly that one scene would have been “Get in the van Elle!!” instead
Amanda Wadsworth
Amanda Wadsworth 15 days ago
You could hear the frustration in “and there was 2 hours and 2 minutes!” Lmao
Jolly P
Jolly P 15 days ago
11:57 my favorite move is “ABS: THE MUSICAL” you all should watch it, it’s really good.
Yashan Smith
Yashan Smith 15 days ago
and card 1:02
Yashan Smith
Yashan Smith 15 days ago
free email 0:58
Hawks Art
Hawks Art 16 days ago
The biggest joke of this movie is thinking 50k would cover four years at harvard.
GinaaVideos 16 days ago
she really should've chose marco... lmao
Random Guy
Random Guy 17 days ago
crissy4445 17 days ago
As a university student I have like 7 girls earrings, 35 hairbands, a bunch of clothing and probably a couple people’s credit cards in my room. People visit, doesn’t always mean sex 😂😂
Maxim Montandon
Maxim Montandon 17 days ago
"If you're like me, well that's rough"
Bobatea Wolf
Bobatea Wolf 18 days ago
i love this movie so..................................................................................... STOP TALKING BAD ABOUT IT
Cipher Skies
Cipher Skies 18 days ago
Okay but why was the girls convo you made abt talking about crushes so true LMAOOOO
Chaya Kaufman
Chaya Kaufman 19 days ago
Yes! The love triangle and the picking the wrong person is exactly like To All The Boys I've Loved Before.
N. C.
N. C. 19 days ago
when you realize there is going to be a kissing booth 3. Netflix needs to stop wasting their money
The Goopy Gilscarbo
There’s so many good shows they cancelled and yet there making kissing booth 3 😣
SN1P3R 19 days ago
"I would never make her feel like that" *Pulls out guitar from the pits of hell*
Peyton Maynard
Peyton Maynard 19 days ago
Thats not how girls talk to each other abt guys thats how netflix think girls talk abt guys
Melissa Alvarado
Melissa Alvarado 20 days ago
I loveeeee your animations, I can’t get enough!!
Sleep 21 day ago
Love dat undertale music hidden in there😂
Armywhogives Love
why do romantic movies always go like this Marco was so nice
Canah Just canah
Canah Just canah 22 days ago
Maybe Elle and marco didnt end up together cuz marco deserve better lol
MishNugget 22 days ago
Everytime he says "elle" I just think of: us-first.info/player/video/brZ6bJqflq2qaKM.html
mustard 22 days ago
still pissed at the fact that "I'm not okay with this" and "Anne with an e" was canceled but not this.
Eirwen Johnston
Eirwen Johnston 22 days ago
Why is everything just a big rip off of to all guys I loved before?!
Ray Amoah
Ray Amoah 23 days ago
You should really watch Never Have I Ever😂😂😂
Elle on a Quest
Elle on a Quest 23 days ago
Not to mention that they recast one of the OMGs and nobody noticed XD
elijah engelking
elijah engelking 23 days ago
when i saw this at #2:54 i fucking laugh my ass off
jenscrystals 23 days ago
im sorry but can we talk about how mia’s actress changed- it’s annoying as
Anuska Ghosh
Anuska Ghosh 23 days ago
Can anyone tell me which movie the creater of this channel doesn't feel dumb? Movies are supposed to be unrealistic cause they are for entertainment
flugelblarghen 23 days ago
So I watched this with my friends and got VERY drunk in self defence so I don't remember much of it but I do remember constantly saying how the two main character's are the only bad people in the movie and Marco and Chloe should just become an amazing couple together and fucking leave
Landscaping Man
Landscaping Man 23 days ago
Just ate some chicken with Buffalo sauce and my tounge hurts
Corby Trancy
Corby Trancy 23 days ago
I have 22 years old peers who thinks this movie is great. Talks about how relatable it is and how hot the cast is when they literally look nothing similar to a real teenager. Even when I say to them its a terrible movie and explains why, they say its okay coz the casts are hot. Bruh
Atrin Hajibabaei
Atrin Hajibabaei 23 days ago
I don't get this at all!!! Elle is the most average girl ever, she has no personality, she uses other people to get what she wants and yet all these boys keep falling for her. like what the actual hell
Ronelle Campbell
So she is a self insert?
Mithraa Day ago
Gurll,hahaa I might just be called "jealousy"....I am not complaining tho
April Blues
April Blues 16 days ago
She’s a wish fulfillment character. Since she started as a wattpad fic she, like most main characters on there, is a blank slate to have an experience through.
anwar bham
anwar bham 23 days ago
Netflix will literally buy anything. Literally anything
Ana Tube vlogs
Ana Tube vlogs 24 days ago
When u realize that Chloe from kissing booth plays evie saint claire or rebekah mikaelson in originals 👁👄👁
Wiktoria D
Wiktoria D 24 days ago
Marco deserved better
Kit Kat
Kit Kat 25 days ago
There is also word of a third kissing booth coming out.
Geni Blaze
Geni Blaze 25 days ago
oh NO-
Tori Tevino
Tori Tevino 25 days ago
Poor Marco like one minute she loves him and the next she hates him like dude he won a dance competition with you, and this is what you do.
AXOLOTL 25 days ago
So are you telling me she would rather be with a mentally abusive (petentally physically abusive) man rather than a non abusive man who cares about her feelings and probably would be better together
kyle lunarioum
kyle lunarioum 26 days ago
just notice this a worse twilight
Princess_Paegan 26 days ago
"BOYS ARE SUCK DUMB" - Elle probably
i_don't_have _a_name
LMAO can't believe I really tried to like this movie just because my friends loved it 😭
hedera 27 days ago
14:47 LMAO
Qyion 27 days ago
2:50 is the best part of any video, on all of youtube period.
Mr.Positive 28 days ago
Ok so basically a teen with problems dates a guy she kissed in a weird fundraiser and then even though he is not ever shown studying and never seems to be in school gets into an Ivy League school with a 3% acceptance rate, and then he meets pretty girl and does nothing with her while his girlfriend cheats and blames him for cheating with no real evidence and then she tries to get into said Ivy League school and she’s too poor even though she lives in a mansion and has a pool she owns in Hollywood California so she dances on a DDR machine and kisses a boy and then Noah brings the pretty girl to thanksgiving and oh she goes to a private school.
Theron Greengard
Theron Greengard 29 days ago
How is it possible to get into Harvard or any of those schools when you literally did no extra activities or volunteering like how does that work
Lexy Martin
Lexy Martin Month ago
Lmaoo😂 such a crappy movie
cameryn whittington
im not the only one getting second hand embaresment. right? not from the video, but just from the short clips of the movie
Fan23 Month ago
These are the emotion you experienced 👇 there is one like which is me because you got one emotion so if you wanna replie which one do you think And im doing this because im bored so yeah i bet you are. And a hint it starts with WHAT and ends an an ll the second word does
Fan23 Month ago
Booth. Bo Oooo P Booth
Brianna Hacsunda
“if you fall in love for 2 people, choose the second, because if you really love the first, you wouldn’t have fell for the second”
Alexis Babylon
Alexis Babylon Month ago
ok but tbh marco is actually the best character here